Borussia Dortmund – Bayern Munich!

Bundesliga-Football-Result-Predictions For whom is the ’13’ of the 13th matchday going to be a lucky number – Borussia Dortmund or Bayern Munich? 

All matches of the 13th matchday are statistically very close. Not a single match is predicted with a confidence of our DMSC* greater than 60%.

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The statistically calculated football result predictions for the 13th matchday of the [1.Bundesliga 2013/14] will soon be available here! The matches are:

VfB Stuttgart – M’Gladbach   1-1   @   45% DMSC*
Nuremberg – Wolfsburg   2-1   @   38% DMSC*
Augsburg – Hoffenheim   2-1   @   45% DMSC*
Braunschweig – Freiburg   0-1   @   44% DMSC*
Frankfurt – Schalke   1-2   @   55% DMSC*
Hertha Berlin – Leverkusen   1-3   @   58% DMSC*
Borussia Dortmund – Bayern Munich   1-2   @   49% DMSC*
Hamburg – Hanover   2-0   @   55% DMSC*
Werder Bremen – Mainz   2-1   @   57% DMSC*

All forecasts for the 1.Bundesliga in Germany between the 1st and 13th matchday – including the real match results – can be found as usual in our section [1.Bundesliga 2013/14].

Check here for the entire list of [statistics by team] until the 13th matchday.

And here you may find an overview of our [hit rates by various prediction categories] from the 1st to 13th matchday.

* DMSC (Data.Mining.Soccer-Confidence) is a percentage of statistical confidence which provides insight about the statistical validity of a prediction. For more information about this artificial hybrid ratio check our section [Our analysis].

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