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Football Result Predictions for World & Euro Cup

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Here you can find various success rates and hit rate categories for our predictions for the tournaments of the World and Euro Cup.

You can access this page with hit rates either in the menu bar above via > World & Euro Cup > hit rates > competition of your choice, or via the drop down menu ‘our success & hit rates for…‘ on the right hand side, or simply by clicking one of the following links:

World-Cup-2014-Brazil-Football-Result-Predictions      [Football World Cup 2014 in Brazil]
Euro-Cup-2012-Poland-Ukraine-Football-Result-Predictions   [Football Championship 2012 in Poland and Ukraine]
World-Cup-2010-South-Africa-Football-Result-Predictions     [Football World Cup 2010 in South Africa]

Best hit rates for the predicted tournaments so far:

  • Winner of groups: 75% at Euro Cup 2012 (statistical chance would be 25%)
  • Qualifiers for the knockout stage: 81% at World Cup 2010 (statistical chance would be 50%)
  • Total group matches: 52% at World Cup 2014 (statistical chance would be 33%); outperformed benchmarks: Bloomberg (44%) and Goldman Sachs (38%)
  • Best single group: 83% at World Cup 2014 (statistical chance would be 33%)
  • Teams in semi-finals: 75% at World Cup 2014 (statistical chance would be 12,5%)
  • Winners of the finals during the knockout stage: 88% at World Cup 2014 (statistical chance would be 50%)

World-Championship-Cup-Trophy   European-Championship-Cup-Trophy     Copa-America-Cup