Football Result Predictions using Data Mining

Ligue-1-Football-Result-Predictions     Coupe-de-France

France: For any competition & season of your choice you can find here all matches predicted by us, as well as the corresponding actual results.

You can access this page with predictions and actual results either in the menu bar above via > France > predictions > competition & season of your choice, or via the drop down menu ‘our predictions for…‘ on the right hand side, or simply by clicking one of the following links:

Ligue-1-Football-Result-Predictions [Ligue 1 2015/16]
Coupe-de-France [Coupe de France 2015/16]
Ligue-1-Football-Result-Predictions [Ligue 1 2014/15]

As an additional statistical indicator we always display one of our statistical confidence factors (DMSC™ or DMSU™) for each match predicted by us in France.

Ligue-1-Football-Result-Predictions     Coupe-de-France