European Championship Data

Download Football Data and Results

Here you can find and download all historical results of the European Championship soccer matches between 1960 and today.

We have collected all matches and results of each and every European Championship in soccer for free download. You have access to any match, from the initial qualification via the tournament group matches up to the big finals.

No matter whether you want to browse the historic victories of great teams or do your own prediction analysis: we offer all data for free download. Special hint: The software [Data.Mining.Fox by Easy.Data.Mining] can also be downloaded for free.

The data list with results of all European Championships in soccer cover:

Euro Cup 1960: France
Euro Cup 1964: Spain
Euro Cup 1968: Italy
Euro Cup 1972: Belgium
Euro Cup 1976: Yugoslavia
Euro Cup 1980: Italy
Euro Cup 1984: France
Euro Cup 1988: Germany
Euro Cup 1992: Sweden
Euro Cup 1996: England
Euro Cup 2000: Belgium & Netherlands
Euro Cup 2004: Portugal
Euro Cup 2008: Austria & Switzerland
Euro Cup 2012: Poland & Ukraine

[Download link for all historical European Football Championship data]

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