Why is it that this site is special?

On our site you get football result predictions & statistics for these competitions:

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Best league by hit rate last week: [Primera Division 2015/16] @ matchday 38: 80%

Data.Mining.Soccer differs in several respects from other soccer information and prediction sites:  

  • This is an infotainment page for anyone who likes football and/ or statistics & data mining
  • For our result forecasts, we analyse every matchday (by league and by season) over 100,000 individual data fields
  • However: we do not want to confuse you by countless individual data points which you then have to make up yourselves, but we rather provide concrete predictions: the statistically most probable outcome of the match, as well as a factor for the statistical probability for a certain trend (home win, away win, draw)
  • In case you are additionally interested in further details and information you may also check our section with many different statistics for each team
  • We calculate our predictions with a professional data mining software
  • This multivariate statistical approach also allows for nonlinear predictions of the type: team A wins vs. B, B vs. C , but C vs. A
  • We work independently, we do not use betting odds for a given match, and we have neither economic nor company interests regarding a specific match result
  • We are transparent: all the predictions and real results – including the less good ones for us – stay on our site and form part of our different prediction success ratios
  • Our users do not have to register or leave other personal information
  • We only use publicly available data for our analysis and football result predictions
  • We do not always try to catch the very latest news – our calculations are pretty sustainably based on medium to long-term data points
  • We have a clear focus: football result predictions for the top European leagues and the top international competitions
  • We love football! We love number games :-)

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