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Our standard software product Data.Mining.Fox® makes data mining easy for you. This data mining software tool differentiates itself from other data mining software products to the effect from that it hides all the complex aspects of data mining in the background and puts you with our simple interface in a position to analytical challenges child’s play to master. No experience needed – in order to use our software product successfully, you must be a statistical, mathematical or data mining expert!

Easy to use data mining is at the core of Easy.Data.Mining. Our concern is your value added. Therefore our slogan is “From Data To Success.” Easily.

Our simple approach to data mining with Data.Mining.Fox is primarily targeted at SME (small and medium sized companies). The cost performance ratio of our software is very advantageous. Nonetheless, Data.Mining.Fox can of course also be implemented and used at big companies given that it can handle large amounts of data easily. Become an oracle with Easy.Data.Mining: discover hidden, non-trivial patterns/ clusters in your database and set up a scoring of your customers, products or other interesting dimensions. Thus you may gain important competitive advantage!

In the field of data mining Easy.Data.Mining is a synonym for simple usage, low investment, efficiency, quick generation of EVA (economic value added) and ROI (return on investment). Download our free version of Data.Mining.Fox to your computer today and assure yourself! If you wish we offer our expertise of course also in consulting.

In addition to the simplicity of our data mining software we would like to draw your attention in particular to the following product characteristics and features: multi-variate decision trees making intelligent use of genetic algorithms; data analysis and forecast; user does not need to have deep expert knowledge in statistics in order to pre-select an algorithm (neural networks etc.); data conversion support via data correction features and automatic data check routines allowing the usage of data with limited quality; profit and loss matrix; gain charts; classification & regression; pattern/ cluster recognistion; cross validation; over fitting protection mechanism; confidence intervals; large data input file sizes; export function; mathematical core based on fortran; application in Java for platform independence (Windows, Linux, Macintosh); no special DWH (data warehouse) or BI (business intelligence) requirements; user friendly GUI (graphical user interface); optimised calculating/ computing time; limited hardware requirements; simple data formats.

The easy data mining solution by Easy.Data.Mining is available in various licence models. This way all our customers can find a suitable and beneficial offer. To use our software you will only require low expenditure, but achieve growth and revenue increase and/ or savings via reduced (opportunity) cost. Easy.Data.Mining will help you to spotlight your strengths and lead to healthy, sustainable growth.

Our data mining software can be applied in basically any area or department of a company as well as in any business sector. Recently the following areas have become classic fields of application: marketing (online and offline), CRM (customer relationship management), sales, finance, accounting and controlling, QA (auality assurance)/ quality management/ six sigma. However, Easy.Data.Mining recommends to also consider the future fields of application such as for instance BI (business intelligence), BPM (business performance management), BSC (Balanced ScoreCard), econometrics. With respect to the question of economic sectors there are basically no limits either. Our data mining software Data.Mining.Fox is perfectly suited for classic problems and challenges in countless areas like e.g. banking, insurance, logistics & shipping, automobile, cellular phone industry, retail; but Data.Mining.Fox is also best choice for the generation of value added in areas which might at first glance rather look exceptional: media, market research, dating & matchmaking, SEM & SEO agencies; medicine and pharmaceuticals.

Easy.Data.Mining particularly supports (executive) business schools and universities. Please get in contact with us if you would like to use Data.Mining.Fox in this area. Whether you want to use our software for lections, for research or for a better performance in the next students’ competition cup – Easy.Data.Mining is the right choice.


Data.Mining.Fox® (DMF) was developed in a way that it takes off basically anything which the user does not really have to do himself.

Below you can learn more about the following insights: mathematical background, degree of focus put on graphical elements, required RAM memory, computing times, data formal requirements, as well as necessary user skills:

Mathematical core:
Data.Mining.Fox® (DMF) is a data mining software based on new mathematical algorithms which use a combination of support-vector-machines, multivariate decision trees, genetic algorithms and linear regression. It calculates very good and robust prediction models. The algorithm selection and the parameter settings are fully automatized. This automation made it possible to develop a graphical user interface which is very easy to use – by basically anyone.

GUI (graphical user interface):
The graphical user interface is designed in wizard-form. The window is split into a top and a bottom part. The top part contains the actual tool features, the bottom part always contains the documentation for the top part. The user interface is never overloaded. The program is well structured so that you always have to deal with a manageable number of options only.

Required RAM-memory:
The RAM-memory of a modern PC is sufficient for Data.Mining.Fox® no matter how large the data table is with which a prediction model is constructed, whereas the amount of needed hard disc memory increases proportionately with the size of the data table. Since modern PCs have a lot of hard disc memory data mining can be performed on common PCs.

Computing time:
Building a prediction model requires a lot of computation, whereas predictions with a prediction model are calculated in a fraction of a second. A prediction model needs to be created only once after that you can calculate as many predictions as you like with it in no time. The pattern recognition based on a prediction model is very quick, too.

For instance: Building a prediction model with a data table with 5000 data records and 10 columns requires a few minutes on a modern PC with Data.Mining.Fox®. When using a data table with 100000 data records and 100 columns it usually takes one to two hours. These are rough figures just to give a feeling for the time needed. The exact time needed for a model construction depends largely on the data. If there are many correlations in the data it often takes longer.

Data format and architecture:
The most important requirement for data mining is to have data in an Excel-spreadsheet, data bank or in another electronic tabular form. In many companies there are still considerable problems when obtaining such data from the IT-system or data bank. This aspect should not be underestimated.

If the suitable data in tabular form is available then the data mining itself is performed fast and reliably with Data.Mining.Fox®.

Required user knowledge:
Most software tools for data mining require a considerable statistics/ data mining knowledge from the user. Therefore in practice when using most software tools, you have to bear in mind the hidden costs of applying data mining which are caused by long periods necessary to learn the statistics and the software tool.

Our software Data.Mining.Fox® clearly distinguishes itself in this respect by truly being easy to use. Whereas other common software products can usually only be used by persons having extensive statistics and data mining knowledge, Data.Mining.Fox® can be used by anybody with an average feeling for numbers. It does not take much time to get familiarized with the software. With new mathematical algorithms Data.Mining.Fox® discovers hidden correlations in your data reliably and delivers superb predictions. The choice of the suitable algorithm and the setting of parameters are fully automatized.

Software Features:

Our software Data.Mining.Fox® (DMF) for Windows, Linux and Apple Macintosh provides a number of important product features.

Core functionalities and features of Data.Mining.Fox® – a clear ‘more’ relative to common statistics software:

multi-variate (ex post) analyses
[+] valid (ex ante) forecasts
[+] unlimited number of data sets and attributes
[+] easy to use GUI for the user
[+] user does not have to do a pre-selection of the most suitable algorithm him/herself
[+] automatic data correction & checks
[+] built-in help functions in all areas of the software
[+] data conversion routines
[+] classification and regression
[+] clustering/ pattern recognition
[+] monetary profit and loss matrix
[+] gain charts for the evaluation of the percentage information gain
automatic protection against over fitting
[+] confidence intervals for the results
[+] graphical display of the distribution of attributes in target clusters relativ to the overall data average
[+] saving of attribute combinations for various calculations
[+] export of attribute relevances for all calculated clusters
[+] self cross validation for the a-priori validation of forecast models
[+] cross validation of third party models
[+] processing of numeric and non-numeric values
[+] automatic processing of nominal, ordinal and cardinal attributes
[+] platform independence (Windows, Linux, Macintosh)
[+] little architectural pre-conditions – in particular no need for a DWH (data warehouse) or an existing business intelligence reporting system
[+] performant processing time
[+] answers to “open questions” which can not be answered by common RDB (relational database) analyses
[+] fast ROI generation


“Data.Mining.Fox® helps me to quickly and reliably unveil hidden correlations in the data we gain from experiments. The software automatically groups this data into meaningful patterns.” (testimonial by: Dr. A.M. – assistant professor at a renowned university)

“Normally data mining requires you to define a number of settings and choose which algorithm you think would be appropriate for the specific task. DMF (Data.Mining.Fox®) is different in that it removes all this and attempts to automatically pick the right settings and algorithms for the task at hand without you having to tell it.” (testimonial by: K.T. – consultant and author)

“People are different – of course also with respect to our company’s offer. Hence, our customers deserve a service tailored to their personal needs. The differentiated user clusters revealled by Data.Mining.Fox® help us in meeting these expectations and in increasing customer satisfaction.” (testimonial by: S.K. – business intelligence analyst at a successful online dating company)

“Easy.Data.Mining™ has convinced me with their personal support. The company is addressing individual customer needs and is responding to very specific requirements.” (testimonial by: Dr. T.H. – consultant, among other for one of the largest automobile companies worldwide)

“The nature of our business model has it that we hold a lot of (anonymised) personal data of our customers. In contrast to conventional satistics tools Data.Mining.Fox® allows us to understand much faster and with higher validity which specific driver attributes of this mass data are essential for which of the different customer segments. This way we can offer our customers even better match proposals.” (testimonial by: V.N. – business intelligence analyst at one of the largest match makers worldwide)

Super tool: Easy.Data.Mining™: data mining made very easy. Free software download.” (testimonial by: T.P. – successful Internet entrepreneur)