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Notes for Football Result Predictions using Data Mining

The owners of this site are independent and they are in no share right dependency or a similar relationship to betting shops and similar companies on the one hand, or to football associations, societies, or similar organisations of all kinds on the other. The same applies to our relationships with our advertising partners. The calculated football result forecasts on this site are thus calculated completely independently on the basis of publicly available statistical information (the validity of which is not checked by the operators of this site) for the purpose of infotainment in the fields of football as well as statistics and data mining. Please note in this regard, among other, our [disclaimer] for the football result predictions we calculate for infotainment purposes.

This site is provided in several languages to serve more people in their Mother tongue. In order to achieve this efficiently we use – at least partially – the online translation service of Google. We know that the results can sometimes be pretty sub optimal. We therefore apologise for any inconveniences, unclear wording or potential misunderstandings. This alone inevitably results in the fact that we have to [exclude all liability] for the content of this infotainment website.

All content of this site and in particular the calculated result forecasts and quotas are the intellectual property of e-stablish business GmbH. Duplications, changes, economic re-use, and the like are allowed only with the express consent of the company and by making note of DataMiningSoccer.com as the source.

The e-stablish business GmbH assumes no liability for the conclusions that are made ​​on the basis of the predictions by the software Data.Mining.Fox.

No liability can be accepted for the content of linked pages. Although these links have been carefully selected, neither the content nor the constant dynamic change of sub links on this site may be constantly checked or even influenced. Thus any responsibility for these contents is excluded.

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