No Liability

for Football Result Predictions using Data Mining

IMPORTANT: No liability is assumed for the data obtained by using this site for the purpose of infotainment prediction results!

We are very happy that you are interested in our football result predictions and that you might perhaps even include them every now and then in your own bets. Based on our transparent presentation of all our a priori calculated predictions as well as the real match results you can objectively understand that the statistical analysis provides an average information gain. It is important to understand though – and make it very explicit here – that our predictions for individual leagues or tournaments, for one particular matchday, and particularly for single matches may be wrong, even if our stated factor for statistical confidence (DMS-C) is relatively high. Subsequently, we have to exclude any liability for the use of our predictions.

If you would like to learn more about how we conduct our analyses, what lies behind the factor DMS-C, and how the predicted results are created, then look yet again in our next section [our analysis].